The Best Payment Experience I’ve Had: Google Play Rocks

I just had a nerd-tastic experience. It was awesome. It made me happy.

And I was entering credit card information.

Yes, the dreaded task that we all hate with a fiery passion. It’s un-fun on web experiences and usually horrifying on a phone. Why? Well because it’s redundant and annoying. We have to break our flow with a given experience – which we’re enjoying enough to pay for it – and then go through a task that requires us to fill out a 16-digit code, and 6-9 additional pieces of information AND which reminds us that we’re shelling out cash for this. It’s frustrating. I won’t lie, there have been times I’ve looked at the wall of 8 fields staring back at me in the credit card form, and I’ve seriously re-thought my $0.99 purchase. It sounds ridiculous since it’s such a small task, but it’s true.

So what made this experience special?

It was clear that the design team at Google Wallet knows their stuff. I wish I had taken screen shots. I can’t easily figure out how to get back into the “add credit card” mode to Google Play (actually, I just looked it up and there isnt one with the mobile app), but let me try to describe the experience:

First, it showed me only one field: the credit card number. It seemed far less intimidating, like I almost trusted Google to have figured out how to not ask for the other information and still process a credit card. After I entered that, it gently transitioned to the expiration date and put the cursor into the first field. It kept advancing to other fields as I entered in the information to the CVC, only showing one step at a time, and not requiring a single extra finger swipe than what was required. Then, it brought me to the last page where I had to enter name, zip, and phone, etc. Phone was already pre-populated. Poof. Done.

Did it take me less time than a normal credit card process? No, probably not. But by hiding the list of tasks, and allowing me to enter information without requiring more finger movements, it made it an actually enjoyable experience.

Just wanted to share.

Also, lesson learned: If I’m geeking out over something, immediately take a screen shot. You’ll never know when the moment has passed :)

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